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About “Three Roses”


Three Roses is a projected six-book historical-fantasy series set in a world inspired by early-modern Europe, particularly Tudor England.  Its main themes are: time, history, and memory, and how all three conspire to structure collective and individual identity.

To position it in the genre, I would say that Three Roses is Robert Jordan meets Guy Gavriel Kay by way of George R.R. Martin and R. Scott Bakker.

I’ve posted a sample chapter and maps.

Each of the six books is relatively self-contained and should weigh in at around 175-200k words.  They are:

  1. The Anarchy
  2. The Restoration
  3. The Kingdom of Ends
  4. The Dark Backward
  5. The Longing
  6. The Visitation of the Winds



In the world of Three Roses, the Tudor ‘double rose’ (which unites the White Rose of York with the Red Rose of Lancaster) is instead the Keldor Triple Rose, which unites the Red Rose of Keldor, the White Rose of Arnos, and the Black Rose of Norloch, embedded in that order.


The Kosmos Biblioth differs from the Hagia Sophia in a number of ways, including: (1) it has three, not four towers, (2) the towers are towers, not minarets, and (3) the towers are topped with, respectively, a crescent moon, a half moon, and a full moon.

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